The Alma

What if „retro“ and „vintage“ were no longer just empty words from the marketing department but infact reality?
What if someone degraded the computer from an instrument to a mere tape machine?
What if there existed a remarkable singer, whose distinctive voice acts like a powerful magic, where every single sung word fills the air with a deeper meaning and brings back soul to soul music?

We take pride in introducing you to David DiAlma!

This gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist blasts a load of Sixties soul vibes into our auditory canals. Straightforward and honest, recorded and sung live by an eleven-piece band, without overdubs, digital aids and other bells and whistles. Simply soul that gets under your skin, as today or back in the days.

After his two singles „Lips“ and „Circle“, David DiAlma’s debut album „The Alma“ will finally be released on September 1. The newcomer from Biel presents eight gems  that show that even in this country, soul is far from being yesterday’s music. The single „Cloud“, which he wrote in collaboration with Christian Häni (Halunke) is a catchy number with pop appeal. Poured into a laidback Motown beat, where the piano beads, the horns cut and the guitar sparks. And above all, the unmistakable voice of David DiAlma, who empowers every note he sings. Without doubt “DiAlma got the soul .

The 24-year-old is a graduate of the Fribourg talent school, „La Gustav“. Besides taking singing lessons , the multi-instrumentalist also took drum and percussion lessons and played different instruments like the guitar and the piano in various bands. As a lover of old soul and funk music, he set about writing his own songs. Together with producer Matthias Urech (Troubas Kater) the first EP was produced and recorded at the Groovefactory in Bern.

The young man from Biel is conquering the stages of the country. For a long time soul music has lived as a niche existence in Switzerland. It’s time to bring soul music out of hiding. If not now, then when? And by whom, if not by David DiAlma? Soul music here we come

The Alma Cover